The Slave

Opening my eyes to this strange land

People that look like ghost appear in groups

With long leather snakes in their hands

And these snakes oh these snake they do bite

And when the snake bites your flesh it takes a peace of your soul to

These snakes these terrible snakes

I’ve seen them bite my own brother

As he would cry in horror

Wishing the snake would stop it’s feast

Wishing the snake would just end it

But it never does it just leaves you with a small piece of yourself

So it can eat again

See the snake would strike without notice

You would be in the fields then…….just like that the snake is on your back

Bringing you down to your knees

But again it won’t stop it just keeps going until you can’t get up

But it will come back

One day I had enough

The snake began to attack my mother

Bite after bite t ripped away flesh

Leaving her screaming in agony

Blood trickling down her chocolate skin

I ran over to grabbed the snake

But was meet with doom

As three other snakes attacked me until I could not stand

I had to lay and watch the snakes take the last piece of soul from my mother

As I looked in her eyes I could see she was gone

Laying there I waited for the snakes to take me to her

Isaac FoxxComment