The Girl with The Blue Hair

Hmm the girl with the blue hair

I don’t know you at all

All I have are the pictures I’ve seen on Instagram

As I double tab to show the love

I can’t help but be struck by the beauty

It’s amazing how your radiance can jump off the screen

And into my mind, as I think about seeing this queen live

Struggling to think of the metaphors and similes to describe you

I’ll just say simple blue

Simply blue is meant to define my attraction towards you

Simply blue proves there are not enough terms to describe beyond beauty

Simply blue means I might be running out of fancy lines to use

Describing you is the double-entendre I could never write

The literary devices I just have not learned yet

The girl with the blue hair so fine and fair

Sweeter than a whisper in the wind

Beautiful like the rose in the concrete

Perfect like the lines of perfection

Absolute beauty when you look at your reflection

The blue haired queen with love in her eyes just so fine

I wonder if this queen could be mine

Isaac FoxxComment