Just one more shot I know my limit

I’m trying to drink to change the my vision

I try to write the poetry to release what’s inside

But who will even read these lines

Just give me a shot mixed with some juice

As I flush out the pain and all the feels that I have

Thinking about you just makes me pick up the glass

All the times we shared

The memories now faded into distant thought

I promised myself you would not cross my mind again

But what can I do when you have my heart in your pocket

The bottle at least for a moment can hold me

Make me feel warm inside and shield the feelings

Make sure I feel good and the issues are gone

Give me my keys I’m safe to drive

I just need to clear my head on the road of life

Swerving through the problem while driving in the hazards

Sometimes I question do I even know were my mind is

Just thinking about the problems like the lack of love in my life

Or the lines I write without the touch to become life

I sipped on the vodka to dissolved reality

Hoping to pass out then wake and forget the tragedy

I mean my life stuck in this painful reality

I search for the answers but maybe I don’t know the questions

Maybe this poetry is all I have

It seems to be the only thing I have left

Isaac FoxxComment