As I lick between your thighs I begin to make you cry

Seeing all of your inhibitions as I look deeply in your eyes

Gently kissing your lips down below

Sipping on your nectar and bathing in your essence

Hearing you moan making my ecstasy rise

In anticipation of swimming in your ocean

And getting drowned in your passion

Is this love or lust maybe just a twisted mix of both?

I guess that’s why they call it ecstasy

As both of our minds, bodies and spirits transcend levels of bliss

Levels of pleasures that was unknown before

Pulling my dreads begging me to stop but more methodical my tongue becomes

Enjoying your juices and enjoy your pleasure

Inspecting each spot to make your inside quiver

And your body trembles as I work this magic

Caress your curves and massaging your body

Relaxing the spirit to penetrate your soul

Kissing your neck as our bodies move to the rhythm of our heartbeats

Rocking back and forth with each thrust pain goes away

Anger and fear dissolves like sugar in water

Speaking of sugar the sweetness of your lips so divine

I just want to cherish your body like fine wine

As i enjoy my meal and this is certainly fine dining

Calling my name inviting me in deeper

Slower, harder, with more force and desire

As we reach that point of the highest bliss

We both climax and that very moment we become one

Mind, body and soul intertwined

All of our joy and fear mixed together

At the moment we learn the meaning of ecstasy

Isaac FoxxComment