The Girl in the Brown Shirt

Smooth caramel skin just lightly sun kissed

Smooth silky hair draping down your shoulders

Lightly touching your back with perfection

Melodic voice with sounds of an Angel

From the heavens above as you speak

Eyes so deep I can look inside your soul

Allowing me to see what is really inside your heart

Your heart which holds on to the feelings of your soul

I just want to get to know you, not what they see

But what you see

See I just want to explore your mental

Entertain your thoughts I would love to feel the sweet touch

But first let me caress you’re thought process

And fornicate with your imagination

Allow me to whisper these sweet nothings in your ear

To force orgasmic bliss of your mind

See your mind like your body is fine like wine

And I want to sip and savor the flavor of your essence

Fine like vintage wine 1976

And the smell of your aura draws me in closer

Like the songs of sirens

As I float on this high of mental affection I go

From your mind to your lips

Imagining myself pressing my lips against yours

As all of the feelings rush from my soul and throughout my body

Feeling that satisfaction of achieving the connection between two people

See a kiss is more than a kiss when the soul is in love

As you kiss you become intertwined and one with each other

Thoughts and emotions cycle in your minds

Lust and passion flows through you like raging hormones

Hmm The girl in the brown shirt I’ve seen you before but did you notice me

The beauty I see is unmatched

I just want the girl in the brown shirt

Isaac FoxxComment