I have to admit sometimes I go back

I reread the first message you sent me

So innocent and sweet 

Before feelings became anything more

Before my heart was involved and you were just the cute girl

 From my first glance I knew I wanted more

You simply said “can you keep a secret”

With that simple line I began to think what does that means

Is this a revelation of feelings untapped?

Would this be the part where I open my heart?


My heart I try to keep as a closed door with padlocks

It has been broken to many times

And one more trip to the mechanic will do me in

But I invited you in as lowered my guard

Thinking you could be my queen from afar

The one who will take her hands and fix my soul

Kiss my heart and tell me everything will be all right

As our conversation grew I knew I had to have you


But we were so far away

I always had to question why would God put this queen in my life

Who I can’t see

Who I can’t touch so she can become part of me

I wanted to share everything my heart and soul

So we could become one but it was not meant to be

Thousands of miles separated us and I could not be your king

I so wanted you to be my queen and together we could rule

I don’t regret letting you into my heart

You showed me things that I needed to see

Maybe one day we can reunite

And I will have my queen by my side

Isaac FoxxComment