As the wind blows

As the wind blows so does the struggle

Everyday effort is put in to make a better world

Make different choices and provide for the future

As she looks on the ground thoughts run through her mind


What is next?

Images of broken dreams and shattered promises

Running rapid through her mind

Visions of heartbreak and a few lost souls


Once again what is next?

How do you repair the past while staying in the future?

How do you take a nightmare and shape it into a dream

That can find the mold of the fixtures in your life

Pain in one hand and joy in the other when they mix you get reality

Something that we all must live in

The journey through reality is harder on some

Heart on your sleeve and the world on your shoulders


Superwomen, too many she tries to help

Neglection of self is overlooked when trying to create joy in others

A queen in the eyes of the men who lust after her

Stories can be told from the lines in her hand

The smile that she makes

And the words that she chooses

She is the inspiration when times are hard

The key to the lock of caged determination

Step back and give thanks to the women of today

As the wind whispers her name

Will it be forgotten as the time fades

Isaac FoxxComment