Love Poem #1 (The taste of Chocolate)

I just want to taste your chocolate

And lick all the filling

Drink from your nectar as I please your body


Allow me to take you to a place your body has not seen

As you climax and touch the clouds

I’ll grab you right back down and go deeper then poetry

Penetrating spots that you only see in the moment

Can I taste your chocolate skin?

What I would not give to have a taste of your chocolate

Smooth rich and creamy in my mouth

As I enjoy all of you down to the last drop

The taste of your sticky nectar drives me wild

And I will be sure not to miss a drop

As I lick all the chocolate from your lips

I begin to taste your drips

Can I swim in your ocean?

I just want to dive into your pool

I’m ready for the deep end

As I dive in head first into this pool of your liberty

Can I release my freedom?

As you salute to my flag

The taste of chocolate my favorite flavor

Bless me with your beauty

And let me stay in your presence

My chocolate queen can I be your king

As I try to take you to places unseen

Follow me in my dreams

My beautiful chocolate queen