Beautiful Words to my Muse


When I run out of lines I just think of you

My mind becomes tortured and writers block takes shape

I just picture you

My muse who I use to sooth this pain

This agony of wanting to speak but not knowing the words to say

You seem to melt this all away

Just one look at you creates mental stimulation

For this canvas that I call poetry

There is just something about your aura and presence

That drives my mind to create mental illustrations of you

Words that will attempt to hold a candle to your beauty

Adjectives that try to compare the inspirations that you give me

Metaphors and similes are never on short supply with you on my mind


You have a beauty that is different than others

That smile is just a little bit brighter

Your laugh is just a little bit louder

Curves just that much more defined

Maybe I want you but I seem to be content with writing

Creating these stories that continue my legacy

You are as much a part of these works as my pen is

My beautiful muse thank you for allowing me to write one more time

Helping me create these beautiful words

My pen, paper and mind would like to say thank you