Picture Perfect

These words are not meant to be a confession of love

Just admiration of beauty

A mental portrait that my fingers cannot create

Oh how I wish I could paint your figure

And capture your beauty in time


Slowly carve out and sketch every single detail

Draw every fantasy that comes to mind

Instead I can illustrate your elegance in words

As I try to use a combination of metaphors and similes

It seems to be a struggle to find the perfect words

The perfect phrase that can depict what you see in mirror

And what we all are blessed to see


Maybe I can create a perfect picture

Of those curves that seem to go on for days

That perfect hour glass shape that is the envy of most

The smile that can brighten a room

And of course the rage that could tear it down

Those eyes that have a story and give me vision to your heart


You are picture perfect in every single way

Hopefully these lines are able to brighten your day