Love Poem #1 (The taste of Chocolate)

I just want to taste your chocolate

And lick all the filling

Drink from your nectar as I please your body


Allow me to take you to a place your body has not seen

As you climax and touch the clouds

I’ll grab you right back down and go deeper then poetry

Penetrating spots that you only see in the moment

Can I taste your chocolate skin?

What I would not give to have a taste of your chocolate

Smooth rich and creamy in my mouth

As I enjoy all of you down to the last drop

The taste of your sticky nectar drives me wild

And I will be sure not to miss a drop

As I lick all the chocolate from your lips

I begin to taste your drips

Can I swim in your ocean?

I just want to dive into your pool

I’m ready for the deep end

As I dive in head first into this pool of your liberty

Can I release my freedom?

As you salute to my flag

The taste of chocolate my favorite flavor

Bless me with your beauty

And let me stay in your presence

My chocolate queen can I be your king

As I try to take you to places unseen

Follow me in my dreams

My beautiful chocolate queen


Sitting on the edge of my bed

I’m alone once again


Nothing but the cold breeze flowing through my window

To think I was just in the middle of pleasure and bliss

But once again I’m back to being alone

Back to this mental solitary confinement that I seem to live

Stuck in a maze were I see the cheese

But the hallway seems to just get longer

Once again all I have are these words

They hold me like a blanket and keep me safe

They comfort me when no one else can

Words keep the poetry flowing

Poetry keeps my heart pumping

If you take this away I will have nothing

I’ll once again be alone

Beautiful Words to my Muse


When I run out of lines I just think of you

My mind becomes tortured and writers block takes shape

I just picture you

My muse who I use to sooth this pain

This agony of wanting to speak but not knowing the words to say

You seem to melt this all away

Just one look at you creates mental stimulation

For this canvas that I call poetry

There is just something about your aura and presence

That drives my mind to create mental illustrations of you

Words that will attempt to hold a candle to your beauty

Adjectives that try to compare the inspirations that you give me

Metaphors and similes are never on short supply with you on my mind


You have a beauty that is different than others

That smile is just a little bit brighter

Your laugh is just a little bit louder

Curves just that much more defined

Maybe I want you but I seem to be content with writing

Creating these stories that continue my legacy

You are as much a part of these works as my pen is

My beautiful muse thank you for allowing me to write one more time

Helping me create these beautiful words

My pen, paper and mind would like to say thank you

Picture Perfect

These words are not meant to be a confession of love

Just admiration of beauty

A mental portrait that my fingers cannot create

Oh how I wish I could paint your figure

And capture your beauty in time


Slowly carve out and sketch every single detail

Draw every fantasy that comes to mind

Instead I can illustrate your elegance in words

As I try to use a combination of metaphors and similes

It seems to be a struggle to find the perfect words

The perfect phrase that can depict what you see in mirror

And what we all are blessed to see


Maybe I can create a perfect picture

Of those curves that seem to go on for days

That perfect hour glass shape that is the envy of most

The smile that can brighten a room

And of course the rage that could tear it down

Those eyes that have a story and give me vision to your heart


You are picture perfect in every single way

Hopefully these lines are able to brighten your day


A Dream Come True


 So I thought I was stuck in writers block

A sick mental state were the words don’t flow

And the rhythm begins to stop

More recently my work of words leaned towards love

Love and how I need it

Lines about how I long for that touch and need your soft kiss

So, I wondered why I can’t write anymore

That’s because I found you

See in all of these poems I was looking for an answer

And for years I’ve been asking this question

See I no longer need to write about the woman of my dreams

Because I get to talk to her everyday

Fancy word play about how I want to feel your soft skin is unnecessary

Since I can physically remember your warm embrace

Before these words were just fantasy….

But I seem to have created this reality

I have you now

The women of my dreams and the reason I write

I put these words in the atmosphere so they would rain down a blessing

And here you are

You are a beautiful rose coming out the earth

My heart’s desire comes true

I never thought I would meet somebody like you

You are my life

My soul

And my love

Put simply, you are a dream come true

Black Queen

Black Queen

Now we celebrate you

Place you on a pedestal for the world to see

For you are a gift to the world

img_20130302_093151 (1).jpg

I sometimes wonder if we are worthy


Black Queen we should be kneeling before you

Similar to a god you gave us all life

We are forever in debt to you


Black Queen your walk can seduce men

Turn heads and almost break necks

Your smile can cure depression

That laughter of yours can ease everybody’s pain


Black Queen you are the remedy for sickness

You are perfection personified in the physical form

We honor you Black Queen and curse the men who curse your name

For they are lost and have been hurt

They do not understand the power that lies within you

The help that you can provide for them

They are not deserving of your gifts

Black Queen we love and need you

You deserve all respect and admiration

Let these words give you peace

And allow you to know that you are loved.

The Girl Behind The Black Mirror

The girl behind the black window

Can you hear her whisper?

Do you hear her speak?

Can you feel the emotions coursing through her veins?

The passion flowing through her heart

Do you understand the anguish her eyes have seen?


The girl behind the black window

She has a story to tell that I don’t think you’re ready to hear

She has walked through the flames and the fire moved

As they did not want to touch the girl

The black window she sits behind is a shield for her

A barrier to protect her from the wrong

It doesn’t seem to work



The girl behind the black window

Has to dodge the rocks that are thrown at her

These rocks come with words inscribed on them


Pain is thrown and lightly taps her

Hard enough to feel

But light enough to get over

So she can brush it off and keep moving

As the pain subsides then anger is thrown her way

Hits her right in the head making her think

About all the stones thrown her way

All the useless glassmakers that sold her shattered dreams

When they claim it was bulletproof

She begins to calm down but then fear hits her in the heart

And makes her sit down and think

Will she always be stuck behind the glass?

Always looking at the world around

Can she find the person who can move her from this glass

And help her enjoy a clear view of the world

We may never know

Until then let’s admire the girl behind the black window


I have to admit sometimes I go back

I reread the first message you sent me


So innocent and sweet  

Before feelings became anything more

Before my heart was involved and you were just the cute girl

From my first glance I knew I wanted more

You simply said “can you keep a secret”

With that simple line I began to think what does that means

Is this a revelation of feelings untapped?

Would this be the part where I open my heart?


My heart I try to keep as a closed door with padlocks

It has been broken to many times

And one more trip to the mechanic will do me in

But I invited you in as lowered my guard

Thinking you could be my queen from afar

The one who will take her hands and fix my soul

Kiss my heart and tell me everything will be all right

As our conversation grew I knew I had to have you


But we were so far away

I always had to question why would God put this queen in my life

Who I can’t see

Who I can’t touch so she can become part of me

I wanted to share everything my heart and soul

So we could become one but it was not meant to be

Thousands of miles separated us and I could not be your king

I so wanted you to be my queen and together we could rule

I don’t regret letting you into my heart

You showed me things that I needed to see

Maybe one day we can reunite

And I will have my queen by my side

Ropes and Blindfolds

Let me take control and have my way with you


Show you things only seen in dreams

Step into this world of forbidden pleasure and taboo feelings

Feel this painful pleasure go through your body

I don't want to make love baby

I just want to fuck

Let me deep into your insides so I can enjoy every moan

Embrace every scream and live for every breath taken

Hold on tight and grab the stick shift

This will be a bumpy ride

As I let my ecstasy explode deep inside

There is no more mister nice guy

These are not the words to fill you with romance

And visions of love at first sight

For these words and rhymes are meant to blow your mind as I fuck on the first night

Ropes and Blindfolds girl is all we need

Pulling your hair as I praise that arch in your back

Giving you all you need as I penetrate you slow and hard

Beads of sweat dripping from your forehead as I go deeper and deeper

Riding you like the stallion you are

Take all of me if you can

I want you to taste me

Become fulfilled with my rock hard gratitude towards you

Put me in your mouth and swallow your accomplishment

Savor every last drop of me

And I will enjoy you like the last supper

Ropes and blindfolds

Desire unknown

Step into this world with me

And I promise you will never be the same

I love You


You remind of the song “Love” by Musiq Soulchild
Because it’s so many things I’ve got to tell you
But I’m afraid I don’t know how
Girl you make my soul go wild
You have become my first thought in the morning
And a lasting image in my dreams
For years I dreamed of the perfect woman
The one who will have my back
And fight with me as we go through the world
Lord knows I asked the most high every night were my queen was
Revel to me the woman I can build with
The woman who will look past my flaws
And see things in me that I don’t even know are there

And I found you
You are the answer to my prayers
And the physical form of a dream
Ever since the first moment I spoke your name
From then on I knew that with you being in my life
Things were destined to change
Because you make me see things I thought impossible
With you there are no dreams that can’t become reality
You are a goddess and my queen
Inspiration from Music Soulchild allowed these words to flow
Giving me the template to show my appreciation
Just know that no matter what
For better or worse I still will choose you first