The Last Word


I have always wondered why some people just need to have the last word in a conversation. A conversation can go from pleasant to an argument just because someone needs the last word. If you get the last word do you feel more powerful or does this help you prove your point? I just want to discuss two reasons why I feel people need the last word.

Must you be so insecure

So, one of the main reasons I feel that people need to have the last word is because of a level of insecurity. It should be noted that I no longer need to have the last word anymore. There was a time when I did need it because it made me feel vindicated. In my mind, it proved to myself that I was right. At this point I know I’m right or at least that I’ve made a good enough point. So, if the other person wants to make a useless comment to have the last word they can feel free.


A person who needs to have the last words feels that if they are not the last one speaking then their point must be invalid or the other person is not hearing them. A person can absorb your point and make a statement after that. You should feel strong enough in what you said to not have to say something useless or repeat what you said. This kind of person is several insure as the only way for them to mask this insecurity is by shutting the other person down in order to gain control.

Sure, take the control

This brings me to another point which is control. People who need the last word have a need to feel in control. They not only need to convince themselves that they are right but the other person as well. I will admit there is a level of satisfaction when you shut a person down. Yeah, you feel like you won the conversation and took control of the situation.  In reality, you are more of just an egomaniac and you need to be correct. There is a good chance that there is another aspect of your life that you feel is out of control. Maybe your boss is mean to you maybe your spouse is always bossing you around. Maybe in typical conversation, you get spoken down to or talked over.

            At the end of the day as long as you know that you are correct that is all that should matter. You should not put that much stock into proving to somebody else your correctness. Just relax.


Isaac FoxxComment