Black Love or White Hate


Every now and then I run across this same topic on Facebook or Twitter which is interracial dating. I want to dive deep into this so I’m going to give my opinion. First of all, I have zero problems with interracial dating. I feel if you can find somebody that you love then you are set. You should be happy and with the person that makes you feel special inside.  This particular blog post will focus on black men dating a white woman. I will address other races in another blog post.

Some black men will say the reason that they don’t like black women is that they have an attitude or black women simply don’t want a nerdy guy. They typical would like a rough neck type of dude. Hearing this the general response from black women would be “oh we don’t all have an attitude or oh he just can’t handle a real woman.” Or my personal favorite “there are many reasons a black man will not date white women but none of them have to do with us. There are several flaws in this line of thinking.

When you as a black woman have to say “he just can’t handle a real woman” what are you really saying. Are you claiming that in order to be a real woman you have to challenge your man at every turn? When a man a comes home the last thing he wants to do is fight the woman that he loves when he just got done fighting the world. Also, yes as a black man I will say this right now that black women do have attitudes. I still love you all and cherish you all as Queens but the fact remains you are always fighting your man. Please understand that is not directed to ALL black woman but it is a vast majority. Just because you, your friends and your cousin’s friend don’t act this way does not mean that I’m speaking lies.

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Now, of course, someone will read this and say “how are we fighting our man”. It’s simple there is a lack of trust between men and women in general.  A woman will go through her man’s phone all the damn time. She will tell him what female friends he can and can’t have. Why because there is not trust. If you really think that your man will cheat on you with his female friend than you need to find a new man. You don’t need to have that level of stress in your life. On the flip side if a man tries to even do a fraction of this he will be considered soft or a bitch.

So, what do a lot of black men do they go and talk to Becky who will trust everything that he says? Now a lot of black women would say that Becky is weak and is being run all over. Why does it make you weak to completely trust your man? That is the problem there is no more trust. Trusting your partner 100% has turned into a sign of weakness which is really sad.





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