Dream Catching 101

What I have created here is an action plan on how to follow your dreams. I have always wanted to be a teacher and motivatil; writer so I created the following

Dream Catching 101

·         Lesson 1 – Start with a dream

·         Lesson 2 – Create a plan

·         Lesson 3 – Execute


So you clicked on a course called Dream Catching 101. What in the world can this be? It’s really simple these are the steps that everyone should use to achieve the dreams and goals they want.  The lessons that I have laid out here is nothing new. I’m sure people have been telling you for years to dream big, get a plan and follow through. It is really sound advice for many aspects of your life. You will just get my perspective which comes from someone who is in the middle of starting their dream.


Lesson 1 – Start Dreaming

This should be the easiest step of all this is when you dream. Think of all the things that you want in life. Think of the fame, money, and respect. If your dreams have nothing to do with personal gain, then think about how other people will feel. If you plan on starting a non-profit for a good cause, then you should dream about the finish line.

            Before I created this website or started writing courses I had many dreams. I wanted to become a cook, poet, rapper, motivational speaker, pro-wrestler, musician and everything in between. I realized that my main dream is to help people and provide for my family. So after I got done dreaming I created a plan and I executed that plan. This is why you are reading this course now. When I started dreaming I started to believe.

            I started to believe that I am good enough to create content that other people will enjoy. I am creative enough to keep you entertained. I have enough knowledge to inform people. You need to take that approach when you start to dream.


·         You are good enough

·         You are smart enough

·         You are creative enough

·         Your dreams are important and never a waste of time


Every multimillion dollar idea started as a dream in someone’s head. That person had a vison to create something or make something better. Whatever your dreams are just keep on dreaming but also begin to plan.



Lesson 2 – Create a plan


            So you have your dream in mind but how do you turn your dream into a reality. The best way to do that is to create a plan.  When I say make a plan it does not have to be as complicated as writing down every single step of your journey. This won’t hurt but it’s not needed. What I did was study people who are in the position that I want to be in. This is advice that I got from financial guru Dave Ramsey. He had everything…. lost it all…and then built everything back up and is now a millionaire. He is inspiring because he is building his wealth by help other people get out of debt and build their own wealth.

            So if your dream is to become a successful basketball player then you need to study other basketball players. Spend time at the local park or watch and many professional games as you can this will help shape what your plan should be. The key is to try to create a plan that will bring you to your dreams the fastest.

            A full example of creating a plan would be if you have a dream about being a famous poet or rapper. A good plan would be to…. Study other artist, research ways to sharpen your skills, perform for local clubs or your school, keep working hard and following that plan until you get on that stage. Again the best way to achieve your dreams is to study people who are in the spot that you want to be in. If at all possible you should talk to these people. They have years of success and failures to share with you that will only help you in your journey.


Here is a guideline to follow:


1.      Study people in the position you want to be in

2.      Research the steps and education it will take to get there

3.      Practice these steps as often as possible

4.      Work until you get to where you want to be.


If you keep pushing forward you will ALWAYS get to your dreams. It may take 1 month or 10 years but you can’t give up. Remember 100% of people fail to reach their dreams when they quit. If you never quit, you will always have a chance.


Lesson 3 - Execute


            This is the part that can become really hard for people. For some reason we can dream about all the things we want but when we get really close people will become afraid and start doubting themselves. You will begin to create excuses as to why your dream might fail. In reality the only person saying your dream will fail is you.  For example, if your goal was to become a rapper and perform on stage. Then you need to be ready to bring it. Instead you might be in the back doubting yourself saying “they will think I’m wack….my rhymes are not tight…. the last guy was better”. You will shoot yourself down so much that you will leave and never perform.

            When you get that close and you can taste the finish line you have to cross it. You have to be ready to enjoy all that hard work that you put in. I am a perfect example of this. This website isaacfoxx.com has been several things in the past two years. Why? The answer is simple I did not believe in myself. I just knew that no one would want to read what I wrote. I just knew I was not good enough. The real issue was that I’m afraid of success.  I was afraid that the bigger I became the more critics that I would have.

            I’m here to tell you to ignore all the critics. They are all in your mind anyway at the end of the day you are your biggest critic. If you believe that you can do it then you can. All you have to do is execute that plan that you have laid out.  I believe in you. Whatever you want for your life you can get as long as you believe.




            Thank you for reading through this course. My goal is help as many different people as I can. I want to touch several different aspects of your life. Believe in yourself and you can do might and great things.



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